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Small steps can be the hardest

Perseverance can earn para athletes global recognition, but the little barriers may need community involvement.


Save (not shave) power and money

Taxi reminds BC Hydro customers to use less electricity this month.

knitted boyfriend

Knitted boyfriends

Less creepy than a blow-up doll.


Shot from behind

Who knew backs were so cinematic?

boob tracker

Boob tracker

Kinect and procrastination lead to weird things.

carol tower

Game of bells

The Game of Thrones theme, old-school style.


The penguins

The flightless birds scare others at the Vancouver Aquarium.


Haiku Review

Like Yelp, but more poetic.

lamb testes

Stranger than fiction

The Vancouver Opera’s got balls.


Being cheesy

What does it take to be a cheese roller?