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A brutally honest take on sponsors

Leave it to Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole to admit to kissing up to their sponsors and still win an award.

Royally Tims

Care for a royal Timbit?

A Tim Hortons in London (no, not that London) rang in the Royal Wedding with style.

Tims Neighbours

Know thy neighbour

Tim Horton’s employees make new friends in an intimate campaign by Zulu Alpha Kilo.


Medium poutine, Double Double

Smoke’s Poutinerie admits to ‘trolling’ Tim’s in its latest campaign.


Earning Sid and Nate’s respect

Tim Hortons plays out the hockey dreams of regular Canadians for its annual NHL trading card promotion.


Tim Hortons embraces the underdogs

The QSR salutes the unsung motivators in its new spot.


Reaching new heights

Tim Hortons levitates customers for a new chocolaty drink.


Going back in time

Tim Hortons’ retro birthday bash.

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Lots of donuts

A curated anthology of Tim Hortons’ treats.



Tim Hortons’ social contract for Roll Up the Rim.