Full-on Contact

Trees grow out of the Gardiner during the Contact photo fest.

In case you’re living under a rock, the Contact Photography
is on in Toronto
till the end of May. With 500 Canadian and international artists exhibiting at
over 200 venues across the GTA, you can probably get a fix at your local community-minded
café/bar/resto (which happened to us twice this weekend), or you can check the
main exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, featuring
Britain’s Martin Parr, Germany’s Thomas Ruff and
Argentinian-American Alessandra Sanguinetti.


If you’re not the gallery type (whatever that is), public installations
around the city include Canadian artist Rodney Graham’s virtual forest on the
columns underneath the Gardiner Expressway (shown here), while emerging artist Eamon
MacMahon will present aerial views of disappearing glaciers and landscapes
along a kilometre of moving sidewalk at Toronto’s Pearson International
Airport. So really you have no excuse.


BTW, HP is the premier festival sponsor and all
installations were printed on HP printers. So there.