Artists keep day jobs

People with 9 to 5 gigs are also capable of creating art. Who knew?


Sell Out is a limited run art show intended to debunk the myth that only ‘starving artists’ can create great art by showcasing the great art being created by commercial artists with day-jobs, such as Christopher Wadsworth Elicser Eliot, Erik Mohr, Hasnain DattuJason Edmiston, Julia Deakin, Marco Cibola, Mia Thomsett, Kilar (Mike Kelar), Mikey Richardson, Neil Collyer, Sandi Gidluck, Steve Gordon, TavisCoburn, Yarek Waszul and zer0. The exhibit runs through July 13th (after which point all these people will have to return to work, and so will we) at Lennox Contemporary Art Gallery.