A card for every occasion

Need some stationery to thank or scold someone anonymously?


Paul Riss, senior AD at DDB Toronto, has created some handy-dandy notes for people to use in awkward situations. Says Riss: “Let’s face it, we need to be scolded and praised at the moment of our appropriate or inappropriate actions so that we might learn from them.” The notes cover two scenarios: You were just an asshole and You’re a credit to your race (as in human race).


You can download the notes from Riss’s blog, so when you witness an act of kindness (such as cleaning up after a dog) or jerkness (stealing a bus seat from an old lady) you can fill one out and hand it to the person in question. A tip from Riss: “It might be a good idea to fold it once to allow for your anonymous escape. This may be especially helpful in the case of delivering an asshole card.”