Theo Gibson’s coolest: DJ Mensa

Toronto up-and-coming music: DJ Mensa, a.k.a., Dustin P.

Who is DJ Mensa?
I’ve been in the Toronto scene playing hip-hop for about 10 years. I’ve done everything in every capacity in this music scene in one form or another. It’s the most fun a person can have. I’m pretty blessed.

Where can we find Mensa? I play all over the city every weekend, but never in the same place two weeks in a row. I haven’t held down a weekly night in the city for a minute (R.I.P. Peachfuzz), but you never know what’s around the corner.

What’s the next step in your music career?
More clubs, more mixtapes and more touring with this playing-records-on-turntables business. Performing out of town is always an amazing thrill. I love it.

What’s your inspiration?
The fact that good music is alive and well. It’s right under our noses – you just have to dig. Most people don’t want to put a little effort over a couple of degrees to shift their perspective. I try and present good music in a different way, but still relevant.

Plus, rent is ALWAYS due, so you have to hustle to keep a roof over your head.