Theo Gibson’s coolest: Weatherlicious

Toronto up-and-coming blogger: Weatherlicious a.k.a. Mark Holden

What is Weatherlicious?
Weatherlicious is a blog that explores the world of weather. Weather ‘formations’ like clouds, the sun, tornados etc. are given consciousness in a series of sketches. It takes on any topic that pops up. It’s not LOL funny, but hopefully entertaining.

How did you come up with this idea?
It started with a random sketch I made on a napkin one day. It ended up looking like a cloud puking… I’d like to think that my sketches have gotten slightly more clever since then.

How big do you want to take Weatherlicious?
It is really just something I do for fun. I don’t have any big plans for it. Once clouds that talk stop making me laugh, I’ll stop. In the next bit I’m going to be adding a feature that I have wanted from the start – to be able to get your daily weather served up with a sketch about it.

Tell us what Mark is really about?
I’m a nerd working in advertising. You can see some of my ad work at