Theo Gibson’s coolest: Bamboo

Toronto up-and-coming fashion: Bamboo, a.k.a., Sean Brown

Who is Bamboo?
Bamboo is everyone who sees art in the simplest things in life. They are the young urban professionals of this generation. They are artsy; they are the best-dressed, unique people…

What are your goals?
Our next step is the release of the Hoodigan. I may get into trouble for even talking about it, because we are doing a lot of things to achieve that goal for January 1st. I haven’t even been blogging for a bit, just because we are extremely focused on getting this done right now.

What does Bamboo have to offer?
I hate the word ‘ordinary.’ I make it my mission to make sure whatever I do is unique and inspires people to challenge their imaginations. There is no such thing as borders or boundaries to me… so when I came up with the Bamboo TO GO Thai food packaging I wanted people to see it and be like, ‘THATS SOOO SICK!’ Even the Hoodigan campaign I’m coming up with is gonna be on another level; we are working with some very creative people.

What’s your inspiration?
My inspiration is everyday life. Things around me inspire me, which is why I evolve as well, because my surroundings change. The past is a huge inspiration but more so the future…for me things that you haven’t seen yet are more intriguing than that which has been seen.