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Toronto up-and-coming artist: Adrian Hayles

Who is Adrian Hayles?
Apart from being a painter/illustrator/graphic artist, Adrian, a.k.a., Dj Sawtay, is also known for his skills on the turntables. But that’s a tale for another time. I’d say I’m a deep person with many layers. I’ve been in bed with art since I was nine and it’s become what defines me. My biggest issue with my work to date is that it is so broad. I’ve got many styles [but] then I have no styles I’m tied to. Maybe I’m still struggling to define my identity. All I know is that I am art and perhaps that’s enough.

What’s your inspiration?
Nature inspires me. I especially love the fall. In a way, I feel I’m always trying to bottle nature, be it in the colours or subject I use for a piece. I’m constantly trying to match nature’s brilliance, and that challenge inspires me.

Where can we purchase your art?
My work can be purchased at my shows of course and also through my site.

Any exhibitions coming up?
I’m currently working on a mural at 1040 Queen Street West. This will be my most controversial piece due to the subject matter, but you’ll have to check it out to know what that is. I’m also going to be opening the doors to my studio at 212 Adelaide Street West on Sept. 20. Stay tuned.