Courage in a can

Pfizer sprays hope on an alley wall.


advertiser: Veronica Piacek, Simon Carson, Pfizer Canada
agency: zig
executive CD: Martin Beauvais
AD: Niall Kelly
writer: Geoff Morgan
team leader: Emily Robinson
strategic planner: Lynn Sivec
agency producer: Dave Medlock
production company: Untitled Films
director: John Mastramonaco
line producer: Kelly King
executive producer: James Davis
DOP: John Houtman
post production company: Panic and Bob
editor: David Baxter
assistant editor: Tyler Hopkins
post facilities: AXYZ, Imaginary Forces
executive producer: Samantha Mclaren
music company: RMW
studio: RMW
producer/director: Ted Rosnick
engineer: Tyson Kuteyi
composer: Steve MacKinnon

‘Graffitti’, done for Pfizer Canada by zig, follows a teenage boy who does some late night alley painting. The viral has a very poignant pay-off. Well worth your 90 seconds. Pfizer will donate $5 everytime someone watches the film online and forwards it. Nice.