Boards’ coolest: Sound chair

What the sound of a drunken mosquito looks like.

Sitting comfortably? Probably not terribly so in designer
Matthew Plummer’s Soundchair, but you’ll be sitting pretty in the knowledge that
your posterior is nestled in the exact physical manifestation of a sound wave.
Admittedly, the buzz of a drunken mosquito, but it certainly beats the imprint
of an aging Beagle on your not-so-prized IKEA ‘Psykoiplopfe’ (that’s Swedish
for chair). Plummer apparently tried 719 different noises (charted as volume,
time and frequency) before crafting the Soundchair in water jet-cut
polyethylene foam. Oh, and the price you ask? You may want to sit down for this
– it’s just £3,950. – Ed White