Promiscuous promotion

Turning another type of trick?


advertiser: CFRB 1010, Toronto
agency: zig
executive CD: Martin Beauvais
design director: Andrew Cloutier
ACDs: Jason Hill, Michael Murray
AD: Yasmin Sahni
writer: Neil Blewett
strategic planner: Lynn Sivec
team leader: Sheri Hachey
coach: Grace Castaneda
designer: Kammy Singh
studio: Jen Dark, Jeremy Tompson
photo credits: Marc Polidoro

CFRB 1010 has extended its ‘We Need to Talk’ campaign, launched in August, with new guerrilla executions in Toronto by zig, like the one pictured above. Zig hired actual prostitutes to start the latest conversation, a move that will likely prove to be controversial. Got anything to say about that?