Say what?

Does this quote make you mad? Talk about it and make yourself quotable.


advertiser: TALK 1410 AM, Vancouver
agency: Spring Advertising + Design
copywriter: Rob Schlyecher
AD: James Filbry
design director: Perry Chua
production designer: Simon West
account coordinator: Kevin Cornista

This banner ad, appearing at the bottom of the front page in the February 9 edition of Metro Daily in Vancouver, is part of a campaign developed by Vancouver-based Spring Advertising + Design for the relaunch of CFUN Radio as TALK 1410 AM. Reading, ‘A gang shooting is armed Darwinism,’ it was placed below a news story about gang shootings. The idea is to hit on hot button issues to spark debate, challenging the reader to make themselves quotable by calling in to express their opinions. To get angry people talking a lot, all one must do is stir the pot. How’s that for a quote?