The future is?

This is like that Second Life deal except it actually has purpose.


advertiser: Vision TV
agency: Secret Location
CD/EP: James Milward
CD: Warren Brown
lead designer: Pietro Gagliano
technical director: Mark McQuillan
project manager: Noora Abu Eitah
flash development: Denis Kartashevskiy, Jam3 Media
system design: Tony Walsh, Phantom Compass
cinematic direction: Michael Leach
matte paintings: Amro Attia, Keith Lee
editing and compositing: Steve Miller
3D: Anthony Murray, Dan Power, Svetlana Bogdanovich, Javier Felipe Castellanos

This is a really cool effort by Toronto-based digital boutique Secret Location. Developed to promote the show I Prophesy on Vision TV, the multi-player online role playing game is the first to be created for a TV show. The game allows users to explore 13 different worlds modeled on scenarios from the show, essentially, examining our planet’s future after things like an asteroid shower, nuclear attack, rising oceans, the rise of nanotechnology or utopian societies. We’re hoping that if any of them were to happen it would be nanotechnology. Screw utopia, nanotechnology just sounds way cooler. Check out the game here.