Animal magnetism

The writing’s on a gecko on the wall.


advertiser: Telus
agency: Taxi
CD: Michael Mayes
AD: Chris Zawada
CW: Nikki Jobson
designer: Chris Zawada
photographer: Sugino Studios
mac artist: Lisa Blackburn
digital imaging/pre-press: Sugino Studios/Total Graphics
printer: Dennis Selinger, Dyna Graphics
outdoor company: James Robertson, CBS Outdoor
agency print producer: Zorina Baksh
account director: Mike Leslie
account manager: Sean Tyson

Hordes of geckos have invaded bus shelters in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton thanks to Telus. Little magnet versions of the company’s mascot for this quarter were plastered all over the walls of the shelters with messages inviting commuters to visit to learn about Telus TV, Internet and landline phone service. The magnets are refreshed every few days. It would seem people like magnet geckos. They’re all the fun of a real gecko without the fun of owning a real gecko.