Who turned off the lights?

Bleublancrouge keeps Montreal in the dark for Earth Hour.


advertiser: World Wildlife Fund Canada
agency: Bleublancrouge
CD: Gaetan Namouric
web designer: Laurent Salles
designer (logo): Julie Descheneaux
client services: Justin Kingsley
copywriter: Maxime Paiement

To get Quebecers more involved in Earth Hour 2009, Montreal’s Bleublancrouge worked with World Wildlife Fund Canada to develop Ideas in the Dark, an evening event taking place on March 28, which will include Montreal artists at work, a brainstorming session for new solutions to help the environment, and music, all taking place in the dark. Bleublancrouge also created ideasinthedark.ca, a website that you can only see…you guessed it…in the dark. For a concept that revolves around darkness, this is one bright idea. If you’re planning to attend we suggest eating plenty of carrots beforehand.