Eye witness

The next best thing to X-Ray vision...


advertiser: Mitchell Eye Centre
agency: WAX Partnership, Calgary
CD: Joe Hospodarec
AD: Joel Arbez
copywriter: Sebastien Wilcox
photographer: Ric Kokotovich

Calgary’s Mitchell Eye Centre illustrates the effectiveness of its laser eye treatment.

“Can you describe the suspect?”

“Well I only had a quick glance but I noticed he was white, 5 feet 11 inches with shoulder-length thinning hair, a tad on the greasy side with blonde highlights and dandruff. His scalp was rosy from too much sun exposure and flakey as a result. He tucked his hair behind his ears which were equally hairy. In his right ear he wore a single gold-plated stud, next to which was an almond-brown freckle located seven millimetres southwest from the lobe’s axis…”