Tats as tees

For those who can’t stand the sting, get inked up with a new tee, and then hope the Dow tanks.

This fledgling t-shirt project Tees and Tats sells limited edition shirts designed by renowned tattoo artist Marco Serio. Started by 23 year old entrepreneur Jeremy Parker, the label decided to leverage a poor economy by giving t-shirt buyers back their money. (Whaaaaaaaaa?) For every 100 point drop in the DOW, t-shirt customers receive a $5 cheque in the mail. Now that’s a selling proposition. And that’s not all, for every t-shirt sold, a percentage of the dough goes to the ArtWorks Foundation of Englewood NJ, which provides access to the arts for young sufferers of life-threatening illness. Who knew a tattoo could make you feel warm and fuzzy?