Cyberspace sleuthing

The Ontario Science Centre goes online with social media to recruit some digi detectives. 


advertiser: The Ontario Science Centre
agency: Narrative Advocacy Media, Toronto
digital agency: Mighty Digital, Direct + Design
CD: Jon Toews
AD: Geoff Donovan
writer: John Czikk
developer: Matthew Ruten
flash developers: Matthew Corway, Bryan Crisostomo
senior flash developer: Joeddy Matturin
special effects animation: Darren Donovan
editor/motion graphics: Miles Dauvren
account team: Lindsay Mattick Davidson, Tricia Soltys, Nitsa Staikos-Sills, Chris Hayes

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the Ontario Science Centre has launched a mystery-themed social media challenge to bring families together to promote scientific learning through new media. Developed by Toronto’s Narrative Advocacy Media, the SciCom5 effort employs Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to recruit aspiring cyber sleuths. Their mission is to help 12-year-old Jamie Gill solve the mystery surrounding her grandfather’s disappearance and thwart an evil entity known as Mulgrave from taking over the internet. *Insert British accent and a pipe* A social media challenge, you say? Elementary, my dear Watson. The game is afoot.