Pretty cities

Winner #1: Maria Boucher from DDB KidThink in Vancouver loves Ilyana Martinez.

The first winner of our Joshua Davis notebook contest is Maria Boucher, a production coordinator at DDB KidThink in Vancouver. She sent in the lyrical watercolours of her friend, Toronto-based artist and graphic designer Ilyana Martinez, who recently showed work at the Toronto Artist Project.

Here’s what Boucher had to say about her entry: ‘I got married a year ago and for a wedding gift, Ilyana sent me one of her drawings in ‘amate’ from this collection and I love it. Ilyana is a friend of mine, we met many years ago while living and working in Mexico City and now we both live in Canada. And even though she lives in Toronto and I live in Vancouver, we still keep in touch. She is very talented, a beautiful, creative person.’

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