Need a skintervention?

Jergens shows that tanners don't need the sun to glow. 


advertiser: Jergens
agency: idig Marketing

We’ve all seen them. Those people that walk around with an unhealthy hue of red from excessive tanning, or in some cases orange, for those that rely on…that’s right…tan in a can. Jergens wants sunaholics and tan in a can abusers to know that there are other, more healthy ways to get some colour, namely their Glow brand of skin moisturizers. At, a site developed for them by idig Marketing, four sunaholics confess their passion for tanning the wrong way and reform their sunbathing habits, choosing a safer, healthier tanning and skin care regime. Visitors can make their own vows to get a healthy glow, and for every one, Jergens will donate $1 to the Save Your Skin Foundation. Now there’s a bright idea.