Spare parts

A little body shop of horrors...


advertiser: WorkSafe Victoria
agency: Lifelounge, Melbourne Australia
designer: Michael Pham
associate CD/AD: David Ponce de Leon
CD/copywriter: Daniel Pollock
model maker: Odd Studio, Sydney
account team: Luke Veale, Richard Hayes

Better look twice the next time you go to fill that 3 pm chocolate fix – you might just wind up with two left feet. (That‘s right. We went there. You can thank us later.) To promote workplace safety, the WorkSafe group in Victoria, Australia, and Melbourne’s Lifelounge created this eerily realistic vending machine called the Body-O-Matic. Complete with veiny, hairy spare body parts, the installation emphasizes the need to protect one’s appendages on the job. Anyone care for an A08? Yeahhhhhh…. We didn’t think so.