If pets could talk

Winner #3: Jordan Jocius from GJA Communications scores one for his hometown.

Dogs in morning suits. Vintage couture bunny rabbits. How could we resist the world of Ryan Price, entered by Jordan Jocius, client services director at Guelph ad agency GJA communications? We couldn’t, so we gave him one of our last Joshua Davis-designed Miquelius notebooks.

Says Jocius: ‘Ryan Price is a young Guelph-based artist who is becoming the city’s best-known artistic export. His early work centered his attention on drypoint printmaking, and now he’s been focusing on mezzotint. His themes are dark and seem to be inspired by the strange. His art is inspiring because it’s out of this world, and is a nice break from reality. It takes you back to a time when the world was lit by whale fat, shadows came to life, and things were never what they seemed. His world is dark but playful enough that it’s not scary for kids.’