Make it a mulligan

Winner #5: Kevin September from Sticky Communications sneaks this one in under the wire.

Sticky Communications’ Kevin September wins a Joshua Davis-designed Miquelius notebook with Do Over Day, an initiative from Toronto’s Wills & Co. Media Strategies that declares Feb. 26 International Do Over Day. The Web 2.0 site is full of posts and videos from random citizens who want a second chance to right wrongs or just live their happiest moments over again. We like the e-cards.

Says September: ‘No, I know – NO advertising!  And there isn’t. This past February, Jeff Wills & Co. gave Canadians their inaugural Do Over Day… Just because. I had fun working on this with them (that’s not against the rules is it?), and it inspired conversations and stories right across Canada and beyond…’ [Editor's note: it's not against the rules, but only because we forgot to mention it.]