(Bill)board games

BMW shows Audi that it's got all the right moves.


advertiser: Santa Monica BMW
agency: Juggernaut, Santa Monica

If any one advertiser can be said to have successfully thrown a billboard b%&*$ slap, it’s Santa Monica BMW. When Audi brought the beef by putting up a billboard in Santa Monica, promoting its new A4, that read, ‘Your move, BMW,’ it didn’t take it lying down. Instead, with the help of Santa Monica-based Juggernaut, it responded by promptly putting up a billboard of its own featuring a large picture of a shiny new Beamer and a caption that simply read, ‘Checkmate.’ And, since a witty, well-placed, one-upping OOH ad is never enough, BMW added insult to injury by putting a video of the installation of its billboard, which happened with ninja-like execution under the cover of night, on Youtube. To that we say, well played Santa Monica BMW. Well played indeed.