Young Lions: Print

This print ad shows how easy it can be to bring doctors and sick kids together.

The Globe and Mail 2009 Young Lions winning print team – Jon Murray of TBWA and Rethink’s Simon Bruyn – decided to make their ad as engaging as possible, while also driving home the point that it’s easier than you think to help reach those in need. All it takes is a simple action like donating…or folding a piece of paper. The ad depicts the silhouettes of a doctor and a child separated by the silhouettes of several armed soldiers. The caption reads: ‘Help us reach those in need,’ prompting the reader to do a Mad fold-in, eliminating the soldiers and helping the doctor reach the child. Simple, straightforward, smart.

This year 152 entries entered the competition in one of four creative categories: print, film, cyber and media. The competition tasks ad professionals and students under 28 to come up with creative under a tight deadline, and the winners are sent to Cannes to compete in a similar simulated time-framed challenge at the International Young Lions Competition. This year’s Canadian brief was linked with Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders, an independent international medical humanitarian organization.