Something ‘mo-mentos’

Cross a bunch of bouncy balls, a lot of people and a lot of paint and what do you get? A colourful idea by the fresh-maker gum.  

Mentos Gum, with the help of Cossette Media, recently held a event in Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square that called on people to do something downright dirty: dress up in white jumpsuits, get on large balls covered in paint and bounce around a 75-foot-long canvas. It was all to help these buoyant Torontonians make their world go a little rounder…as well as launch six new flavours of Mentos Gum. When it was all said and done, the resulting piece of collective bounce-art revealed a new Mentos Gum website and kicked off a contest that’s challenging Canadians to think about what would make their world go rounder. A panel of judges will select two ideas that Mentos will make happen over the summer. The ‘event’ was also ‘covered’ in free commuter tab Metro, via a front page ad designed as front page news. Chew on that.