A whole lot of nothing

There's good for nothing, but do you know what nothing's good for? Something. That's what.


advertiser: Chinook Learning Services
agency: Wax Partnership, Calgary
XCD: Joe Hospodarec
CD: Sebastien Wilcox
ADs: Brian Allen, Ernie Burden
writer: Tim Anderson
photographer: Jean Peron
director of client services: Janet Pearce

Wax Partnership kept it simple when they did up this print ad as part of a campaign for for Calgary-based Chinook Learning Services, a provider of adult and continuing education courses. Based on the idea that everyone has the potential to do things like speak in a foreign language, cook a meal, or learn how to play a musical instrument, it challenges people to enroll and learn new skills through its courses and ‘make nothing something.’ We’d make some sort of witty remark involving William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, but we couldn’t think of something.