Look Ma, no hand…helds

XBox takes interactivity to a whole new level. Sorry Wii.

This is so damn cool we had to share it, in case any of you non-gamers missed it. By now you’re all familiar with Nintendo’s Wii and the fact that it makes the gaming experience more interactive by tracking your movements while holding a wireless controller. Well, Microsoft has basically said, ‘screw you Nintendo. We can do it better.’ And, as it would seem, they have. Project Natal is their new prototype addition to the XBox 360. It eliminates any need for those pesky handhelds. Instead, it tracks the gamer’s full body movement, can recognize their face and voice and can respond to both physical and vocal commands. It’s so damn good that Microsoft got Steven Spielberg to introduce it at E3. We could go on and on, but we figure you should probably see it for yourself. Check it out here and prepare to be amazed. We still are. The coolest thing ever. Period.