Crocodile Mod

Lacoste invites web surfers to jump into the Crocodile.


advertiser: Lacoste RED!
agency: Megalo(s)

Paris-based interactive agency Megalo(s) developed this funky Mod-era-influenced web portal called the ‘Crocodile’ to help promote Lacoste‘s new collection geared towards 15- to 25-year-olds, Lacoste RED! The site, which illustrates the slogan for the collection’s overarching ad campaign, ‘A little air on earth,’ includes community sharing features like an iPhone app, wallpaper and screensaver downloads, as well as a mini-game based on Guitar Hero. It’s definitely a website that’s easy to jump right into…if you like electro music. We really like the old-school videogame sounds that play when you navigate your mouse to the roll overs. We’re pretty sure that the ‘Mario grabbing a coin’ sound’s in there, which, we must say, is pretty sweet.