Environmental hang-up

ACT Responsible believes that the future of humankind is hanging in the balance.


advertiser: ACT Responsible
agency: Ayrine, Paris

In order to enlist the ad community to use their skills to mobilize people in the fight against climate change, non-profit org ACT Responsible opted for a provocative approach. It went with this poster designed by Paris-based Ayrine to advertise its eigth annual exhibition at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Ferstival, showcasing campaigns that focus on environmental and social issues. Given the upcoming Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December, the issue is at the fore at this year’s ACT Responsible expo, as is the potential impact to the well-being of humanity. If the poster’s any indication, the consequences stand to be quite dire. Kids, avoid traversing small melting icebergs with magical nooses hanging from the sky while your hands are bound behind your back. No good will come of it.