Saatchi’s Purpose

Saatchi & Saatchi tells a story about you finding your story.


agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto
CDs: Brett Channer, Helen Pak
AD: Helen Pak
copywriter: Brett Channer
agency producer: Jennifer Mete
director of digital marketing: Kevin Krossing
web developer: Matt Mollon
interactive producer: Stefan Fabich
prodco: Soft Citizen
director of animation/character development/illustrator: Chris Hutsul
executive producer: Eva Preger
producer: Sarah Lasch
animation house: Alchemy
motion graphics artist: Bob Zagorskis
producer: Stefani Kouverianos
music/audio house: Pirate Radio & TV
narrator/voices: Chris Tait,
music composer: Ian Lefeuvre
sound design & mix engineer: Keith Ohman
producer: Joanne Uyeyama

With the help of Toronto-based prodco Soft Citizen, Saatchi & Saatchi Canada has relaunched their website, transforming it into an animated, fantastic village called Purpose. To put emphasis on the importance they place on storytelling, the website opens with a short film that recounts a story about the importance of finding your own story, which ultimately leads clients and web surfers alike to Purpose. Once vistors arrive at the animated little village they are free to explore what Saatchi Canada is all about, and peruse their cases, er, stories rather.