Cat s%@! one

Beats the heck out of Apocalypse Meow.

Watership Down introduced me to the world of militant rabbits, and Cat Shit One takes it to the extreme. Based on a manga series set in the Vietnam war, it has been updated to the present day. Thankfully it has kept its cool moniker and not the corny American title Apocalypse Meow.

Fun facts about the series:
1) The American characters are rabbits because the Japanese term for rabbit is usagi, as in ‘USA G.I.’
2) The name Cat Shit One is a clever play on the term for underclassmen from the famous West Point Academy – Dog Shit One.

I love the juxtaposition of cute fluffy animals in gruesome war scenarios and the animation is top notch.

This week’s Frandoms are by strategy magazine Next Media Star finalist Travis St.Denis, media supervisor at Mediaedge:cia in Toronto.