Turtle networking

The Canadian Sea Turtle Network wants conservationists to get caught up in its cause.

Our sea turtles are rated as being ‘critically endangered.’ So to help Nova Scotia-based grassroots org The Canadian Sea Turtle Network (CSTN) futher its cause to help free leatherback turtles from entanglement in fishing gear and the threat of extinction, St. John’s-based Target developed this DM piece, which they sent out to bloggers and journalists with backgrounds in conservation. The organization was recently featured in an issue of National Geographic, which Target sent out wrapped in fishing net so that recipients had to cut free the story of the leatherbacks. A personalized, handwritten note with each DM piece included info about the Nat Geo article (in case all that scissor work tired them out). This is a cause that we could definitely get caught up in. Sea turtles are cool. So are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they can cut their way out of fish nets on their own.