Home phone street fight

Rogers is taking its blue and red home phone challenge to the street.


advertiser: Rogers Home Phone
agency: Fuse Marketing Group
director, experiential: Laura Fisher
senior AD: Jocelyn McTavish

Rogers is currently in the midst of a bit of a brawl with competitor Bell and it’s decided to take the fight from television to the streets. You know the Rogers commercial where it openly compares its home phone service to Bell by getting a woman to use both services (talking on a blue phone when using Bell and a red phone while using Rogers) claiming savings with Rogers of $25? Well, Toronto-based Fuse Marketing Group has taken that creative concept, which was developed by Publicis Canada, and put it to work in cities in New Brunswick and Ontario via two large interactive home phones, one blue, one red, encouraging passersby to take the Rogers’ home phone challenge right then and there. They can also enter a contest for the chance to win $5,000. There’s nothing like a good street fight. Especially when we’re not involved. We’re looking forward to seeing how this one pans out. We love spectating.