Welcome street teams

Eco Mist is taking a hands-on approach to dealing with Toronto's garbage strike.


advertiser: Eco Mist
agency: Dentsu Canada

It’s no secret that these days, thanks to the ongoing city worker’s strike, the city of Toronto isn’t emanating the most savoury of scents. Nor are its streets pristine, rather they are garbage minefields with pedestrians leaping to and fro to avoid randomly strewn trash bags, rubbish bin avalanches and trash-eating rodents. Like many Torontonians, Eco Mist, a Toronto-based provider of environmentally safe, toxic free, bio-based chemical cleaners, is fed up. So, it decided to do something about it. Teaming up with Toronto-based Dentsu Canada, the company staged a clean-up of Yonge Street. And as many Toronto residents will attest, seeing the team re-beautifying one of the city’s busiest streets was a welcome breath of fresh air.