Miniature scenes serve up a small taste of West Valley Market.


advertiser: West Valley Market
agency: Taxi Vancouver
CD: Michael Mayes
writer: Nikki Jobson
ADs: Raul Garcia, Marcella Coad, Nikki Jobson
account manager: Meghan Hawes
photographers: Chris Zawada, George Lin, Todd Mclellan
digital imaging: Sugino Studios
printer: Dyna Graphics
typographer/mac artist: Lisa Blackburn
agency print producer: Zorina Baksh

To create awareness around small family-owned grocery store West Valley Market in Vancouver, Taxi Vancouver thought small and came up with a big idea. They placed dozens of miniatures, only inches tall, outside condos and on grassy verges along streets in the market’s vicinity. For example, a miniature, rustic Mexican set-up features a sign that reads, ‘A small taste of Mexico.’ Taxi also placed miniature food magnets on lampposts and bus stops for people to take home and left 500 miniature pots planted with vegetable seeds on condo door steps so people could have a, ‘Small taste of the farm.’ We’re sure that running around Vancouver placing all these tiny items was no small undertaking.