Choose your ending

The 'choose your own adventure' stories you read as a kid weren't as stabby as this. Or viral.

To try and combat the growing problem of knife violence in the United Kingdom, the Metropolitan Police Service teamed up with London-based AMV BBDO to release this viral choose your own adventure, filmed from the POV of a young guy. It includes a series of videos, each one presenting you with choices, like ‘take the knife’ or ‘don’t take the knife,’ ‘stab him in the chest,’ or ‘injure him in the leg.’ You are then redirected to another clip, which shows you the ramifications of your choice. Obviously, the wrong choice doesn’t result in the best circumstances. It’s too bad that life’s not more like a choose your own adventure. People feeling stabby could skip ahead to figure out that stabbing isn’t a good idea before they start stabbing. Unfortunately real life doesn’t have redos.