Stories of the sea

Insane in a submarine: A tale of where sea and space met in 1969.


advertiser: Vancouver Maritime Museum
agency: TBWAVancouver
CD: Paul Little
copywriter: Jon Murray
AD: John Williamson
print producer: Julian Davis

TBWAVancouver did up this print ad that is one of a few that spin interesting stories of the sea to promote the Vancouver Maritime Museum. This particular tale recounts how NASA placed six men in the Ben Franklin, a submarine, for 27 days just to see if they would all go insane in cramped quarters without sunlight. You can thank the men, a lot of bourbon and some Mozart for the creation of the Skylab. We’re not sure what’s crazier: NASA’s experiment, or the fact that the dudes involved didn’t go nuts. What we are sure of is it’s one helluva cool story.