What if…

...true love had facial recognition. Wait...isn't that internet dating?


advertiser: Toshiba Canada
agency: Zig
ECD: Martin Beauvais
CDs: Aaron Starkman, Jason Hill, Michael Murray
copywriters: Scott MacGregor, Neil Blewitt
ADs: Yasmin Sahni, Anthony Del Rizzo, Jeremy Burgin
coach: Glenn Stanley-Paul
team leader: Emily Robinson
planner: J.J. Sullivan
project manager: Anne Cayer
ECD, digital: Cam Wykes
team lead, digital: Alexandra Ungureanu
copy editor: Stephanie Cameron
user experience architect: Bo Zou
lead developer: Chris Czegel
designer: Christopher Poon
developers: Joshua Ho, Karl Pawlowicz, Avinash Gopalakrishnan
quality assurance leader: Wendy Lee
director of media: Laurissa Stebeleski
media strategist: Alex Blair
digital media strategist: Larry Hammond

Working with Zig, Toshiba has launched a new marketing campaign that focuses on its notebooks’ product features and how they enhance the user’s experiences just in time for back-to-school shopping sprees. The creative – print, cinema, online, OOH – all drives Canadians to Askwhatif.ca, which not only provides detailed info on Toshiba notebooks, but also gives users the chance to win a trip to Japan. All they have to do is submit a video that explains how they would use one of four Toshiba innovations (facial recognition, hard drive impact sensor, sleep and charge, eco mode) to make something better…like true love, which is the focus of this user-submitted video. If only it were that easy.