Just don’t spill your drink

Finally, interactive OOH tech with built-in ROI (in the 11% range).

One of my guilty pleasures is reading emails from Design Within Reach. I get chatty correspondence from the folk at the Toronto studio, lots of sales email lately, and the newsletter. This week’s was an ode to Corian. One thing that caught my eye was a shout-out for Manhattan’s Clo Wine Bar. It has a (white Corian) bar surface that serves as an interactive wine menu, with hundreds of oenophile options virtually parading by. You point your way to ordering tasters (and if that goes down well, bottles) from the projected wine cellar. Excessive elbows on the bar could present over-serving mishaps.

This Frandom is from head strategy editrix Mary Maddever. Another of her guilty pleasures is ordering furniture from Design Within Reach.