Genius tunes

Tell me what music I like, if you're so smart.

Music has always being an inspiration for me when making films. Since I started making music videos I have been in love with the relationship of music and film. One great aspect…unlike other media, you can’t stop the music and analyse it, you have to experience it. iTunes Genius has been wonderful for me. I like to create little flow boards with pictures of the actors I am working with, the location and key props. Then I play random music against the picture(s). It almost always gives me an idea. It could be how to move the camera, or an attitude from an actor or maybe just overall tone. At a minumum it almost always acts as a kind of a creative glue to keep the film in one arena.

IQ Curve image from Wikimedia Commons.

This week’s Frandoms are by Canadian director and filmmaker Rob Quartly. Check his work at