Get framed

For a new point of view.

When trying to think of a fresh approach that gives a film its own vernacular, I like to experiment by looking at things in a frame. This could be through any kind of camera, one with multiple lenses from wide angle to long lens or even just using a point and shoot. 

It’s almost always inspiring to wander around a subject and find different ways of looking at it. Sometimes erasing the non essential information, sometimes just zeroing in on interesting details. Wide angle, deep focus tends towards comedy and longer lens, shallow depth of field tends toward romancing an image… but every situation is different and by wandering around I usually find an approach I like.

Another use of ‘put a frame on it’ is when you cut a frame out of paper and move it around on top of reference pictures. This is great for composition ideas and helps coming up with a unique POV for story telling. Sometimes I then cut out these POVs and make a flow board to share with my production team.

This week’s Frandoms are by Canadian director and filmmaker Rob Quartly. Check his work at