Here’s my card

If you want AGRIE's phone number just let dry and then remove masking tape.


advertiser: AGRIE Paint Services
agency: Extreme Group, Toronto
CD: Shawn King
associate CD: Matt Syberg-Olsen
ADs: JP Gravina, Brendan Sack
copywriters: Brendan Sack, JP Gravina
account director: Mike Bevacqua

A good business card is important. It makes a statement. Some of you may remember a scene from American Psycho where the titular character, Patrick Bateman, obsesses over his colleague’s eggshell white business cards, getting quite upset because they’re better than his own. Well, AGRIE Paint Services will never have to be upset about their business card, which was created for them by the Extreme Group in Toronto. It’s pretty kick-ass and certainly makes a statement in terms of letting people know off the bat what it is they do.