Telus transitTV

Look, driving on the road! It's an elongated car! It's a really-widescreen TV on wheels! No, it's a digital super bus!


advertiser: Telus

You know what sounds cool? The term ‘digital super bus.’ It’s awesome. You put the words digital and super in front of another word and you can’t help but have a winning combination. The digital super bus is like a regular bus, except it’s equipped with a king-sized LED unit that allows advertisers to deliver multiple messages to one or more units at any given time wirelessly over the internet. Oh, and they can change instantaneously en route and be tailored based on factors like audience or specific location. That’s all thanks to the magic of GPS. Telus is the first advertiser in Canada to use this technology, purchasing all 10 digitial super buses currently deployed by TransLink in partnership with Lamar Transit Advertising of British Columbia, servicing metro Vancouver. Telus also threw a branded wrap on each bus because, you know, they don’t believe in overkill. Check out this article on the digital signage previously published by strategy.