You on you

How the hell do people make such good videos? We guess a share in $300,000 worth of prizes is a pretty good motivator.


advertiser: Hewlett-Packard

Some of you will remember the ‘Personal Again’ ads that Hewlett-Packard aired featuring celebrities, whose faces were not shown, talking about their digital lives and showing what they do on their HP computer. Well, HP is letting the general public create their own homemade videos playing off that campaign with its ‘You on You’ contest. It’s all to promote HP’s new Artist Edition notebook. Entrants simply craft their own videos and then submit them to HP’s YouTube channel for the chance to win a share of $300,000 in prizes. We have to say that some of the submissions are pretty damn good. The best VFX we’d be able to come up with would be pictures of stick people with maybe some construction paper glued on here and there to spice things up. This is why we write.