Hangin TUFF

Go to work, watch short films, free.

The Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) takes place September 11 – 20 across the TTC subway system. The festival airs 1-minute silent shorts on the subway platform screens and has one of the largest audiences in the world at 3.5 million daily commuters. Thanks to the nice people at TUFF we have six TTC passes (at a value of $32.50 each) to giveaway for the week of September 14th, which would allow TUFF fans unlimited TTC access to see their favourite films.

To win, go to Twitter.com/stimulantonline or click the ‘Follow us on Twitter’ button on the stimulant site. Then tweet ‘I want to ride the TUFF rocket! You can too. Follow @stimulantonline, pass it on.’

Check out more details on TUFF promotions and sponsorships – some involving green-bottled beer brands, but we’re not naming names – on Media in Canada.