Sex and the windy city

The bra and the feet tell the tale of this promiscuous parked car.


advertiser: ChicagoNow
agency: Zig, Chicago
CD: Stephen Leps
AD: Janay Blazejewski
copywriters: Geoff Berg, Natalie Taylor
strategic planner: Ryan Wilson
team leader: Carlie Naftolin
retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
studio: Mazen Mansour, William Leung
print production: Jen Dark
music company: RMW
music director: Ted Rosnick
sound designer: Tyson Kuteyi

Zig‘s Chicago office developed this stunt to promote Sex and the Windy City, a blog in the Tribune Media Group‘s ChicagoNow blog network, which consists of more than 70 blogs reflecting the passions of Chicagoans. A trail of undergarments led up to this car, which was actually rocking. We’re glad that the windows were steamed up. Some detail is definitely best saved for the facelessness of the internet.