Knit, purl, BOMB!

Shit-disturbers' latest weapon of choice: crochet hook.

We always thought knitting was for people who didn’t get out much and had a lot of time on their hands. Childless spinsters making booties for their nieces and nephews, or little old ladies devising colourful ways to keep teapots cozy. But yarn-bombing knocks the mass-produced socks off our antiquated assumptions. It’s the latest questionably legal way of ‘beautifying’ public spaces. Unfortunately they’re starting to call themselves ‘craftivists,’ but we can overlook the terminology long enough to appreciate the effort and results. Uplifting.

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Parking meter cozy at Main and Hastings in Vancouver by Jaana Maria Vallee, image by Craig Sinclair.

This week’s Frandoms are by the team at Vancouver-based Noise Digital.