He’s got heart

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advertiser: Trillium Gift of Life
CDs: David Rosenberg, Troy Palmer & Michael Lee
AD: Michael Lee
writer: Troy Palmer
account exec: Natali Tofiloski
agency producer: Revital Grunberg
prodco: Steam Films
executive producer: Krista Marshall
director: Benjamin Weinstein
post production offline: School
producer: Sarah Brooks
editor: Aaron Dark
post production online: School
producer: Sarah Brooks
editor: Rodney Dowd
audio house: Imprint Music
studio: Pork Pie Studios
producer: Corinne Murray
directors: Fraser MacDougall, Tim White
engineers: Lance Schibler, Aaron McCourt

If you could buy hearts from a store for bargain prices from seedy-looking salesmen then we wouldn’t need organ donors. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way and organ donors are people that many in need around the world rely on. This viral vid comes as an addendum to a campaign developed for the Trillium Gift of Life Network by Toronto-based agencies Narrative Advocacy Media and Mighty Digital, Direct + Design (both under the Bensimon Byrne banner) that launched earlier this year. It targets potential young organ donors because you can never have enough young blood in any righteous cause.